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Our Story

Bongo Bunee Chow is a new street food concept hailing from it's humble roots in Durban, South Africa. Our co-founder Craig was raised in Durban and often ate a "Bunny Chow", which would traditionally consist of a loaf of bread, cut in half with the inside scooped out and filled with a curry. The extracted soft centre of the bread would be used to dip into the curry sauce and the outside crust would be broken away, piece by piece and consumed together with the curry. The whole thing would be eaten with zero waste!!! The Bongo Bunee Chow brand was borne out of Raj's love for a homecooked, authentic Indian curry and passion to create new and innovative dishes, combined with Craig’s love and nostalgia for his hometown food.


So this is our take on this traditional South African staple and we envision Bongo Bunee Chow firmly establishing itself at events and festivals across the UK and beyond.


Our Promise: A Bongo Bunee Chow will always be cooked from scratch and you can rest assured that Taste, Quality and a Positive Customer Experience are our top priorities.


Craig and Raj

A Vegan Bunee
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